Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wedding Day Beauty Ideas

On the run up to your wedding day, there are many things to plan and to think about, and sometimes your make up is one of the last things on the list, and so I thought today I would write a post giving you maybe some little ideas that may just inspire you to use them for your wedding make up look.

I think that when thinking about your makeup, it really needs to coordinate with your dress, so everything flows together and creates those gorgeous wedding day photos. If you have chosen a very simple style of gown then I feel that you could perhaps go a little more bold perhaps with your lipstick for instance, wearing a bright pink lipstick if you have chosen pink flowers for your bouquet, e,g Maybelline's Fuschia Flash lipstick.

Also, to create a little pop of colour to go with the lips, a nice pretty blush just to highlight those cheekbones would really help to add a little brightness to the cheeks without detracting from the dress in any way.
This pretty blush from Benefit called Rockateur has such a pretty shimmer and sheen that it just really gives your cheeks just a hint of colour, and gives the face that radiant glow that every bride has on their special day. Because the dress has such simple lines and is just so elegant looking I really would only really focus on the lips and cheeks and maybe a little light brown liner to highlight the eyes.

Isn't this dress just so intricate and beautiful? It is called a Mixed Metals dress and I think it is stunning. For me I think I would use gorgeous matte eyeshadows to match the grey/silver tone of the dress. This palette from Bare Minerals is just perfect, it is called "The Affair To Remember" and that is what everyone will remember when you wear a dress this stunning.You could use the grey shade on the bottom row as the all over lid colour, and then just to give the look a little "edge" I would apply the lavender/purple shade into the crease and blend to create a soft, smoky eye look but that does not look harsh but feminine and pretty too.
If you wanted to incorporate a little colour into the look, but did not want it to look too much, then you could always wear a bright colour on the nails.

This is a pinky red shade from Barry M called Watermelon and this colour would look great on either fingertips and especially on the toes, if you were wearing cute little peep toe shoes.
Wow!! I love, love this dress. I just love the chiffon sleeves and the drapiness of the whole look. For me I would definitely team this dress with dark fluttery lashes and I know the perfect mascara for this would be the 3D Fibre Lash Effect Mascara from Younique. It creates such long fluttery lashes that everyone will think that you are wearing false lashes, but for me, I would be too busy worrying if they were going to fall off halfway through the wedding service or whilst you were dancing at the evening party. You don't want mascara that runs either, and the Younique mascara is waterproof too, so it is just so perfect for wedding day make up.

Your face does not want to be covered in heavy, cakey looking foundation, I think that a woman's skin on her wedding day should look verynatural, and so the perfect solution would be a BB Cream or a tinted moisturiser.
This one from Mememe Cosmetics is just perfect, and gives just the right amount of dewiness to the skin without it looking too oily or shiny. Also is small enought to pop into your clutch bag, so that during the day, if any touch ups are needed, it is right there at hand. If you did not want to wear a bright lip, then a shiny light natural lip gloss would look so feminine and girly and the one I thought would look really pretty on your wedding day is the Nyx Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel, it is such a pretty shiny corallly peach shade, that it would never detract from the look of your dress.
So, we have chosen our perfect dress, and we have chosen the perfect make up, but we also have to smell beautiful and feminine too. Not so much that everyone chokes as you walk past them, but something soft, and pretty and that in years to come you will be able to say "I wore that perfume on my wedding day". I have chosen "Amazing Grace" by Philosophy. It is such a pretty, gentle scent and is perfect for wearing on your perfect day.
I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I would like to thank for inviting me to use some of their gorgeous wedding dresses from their website as inspiration for the make up products I have chosen above. If you have your wedding being planned and are looking for inspiration to find that perfect dress, please go to and look at all those gorgeous dresses they have there. They literally have hundreds and hundreds and I am sure there will be something for everybody. They are truly amazing dresses.

Till next time,

*I have not been paid or sponsored to write this post, this is entirely my own opinions and work.


  1. What a creative post idea! I love the second dress! Modern wedding dresses are so beautiful. Nothing like the offerings when I got married back in the stone age! I also love Amazing Grace. One of my faves!

  2. It was great working with the pictures of the dresses. I loved the second dress too, but I also loved the simplicity of the first dress. Amazing Grace is such a pretty feminine scent.


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