Tuesday, 24 February 2015

February 2015 Glossybox

Now, when this box arrived on my doorstep about a week ago, it totally caught me off guard, as I had cancelled my membership to the Glossybox monthly subscription box a week before, so it was a surprise. Don't get me wrong, I have loved Glossybox for many years, but now that I am trying to save money and reduce my beauty product collection down, I thought that by cancelling the boxes would help me save £10+ every month. I know it is only a small amount but it is something towards saving for a rainy day.

Don't you think that this month's box is so pretty? I do, and just perfect for February being the month of love and all that jazz. Now onto what was inside.

You got the obligatory product cards informing you of the types of products in your box and what has inspired this months collection which is all about "Love". This box came with 4!!! full size products, which is fantastic value for money right there, as a lot of subscription boxes tend to come with only sample or travel sized products. One of the products really made me giggle due to it being linked to "that film" lol Fifty Shades Of Grey, which no, I have not seen and won't be going as it isn't really my cup of tea. I have read the books, but the film just does not appeal to me. The product which is named "Fifty Shades" is a mineral eyeshadow, in, yep, you have guessed it, the colour Grey.

This eyeshadow is 100% natural and really pigmented, so a little goes a really long way. This shadow is great for if you want to deepen the colour of the outer V with out using a black shade which can sometimes look too harsh. If you wanted a more intense colour from the shadow, just wet your brush and then apply onto the eyelid, and instantly the look will be made much more dramatic. This is one of the full size products I was talking about before and you get 1.2g of product and it is valued at £14.49, so just in that one product alone, you have paid for your box. Glossybox is fantastic value for money.
I was really pleased when I saw this in the box, as you can never have too many hair removal products and I have never tried this razor before and so will be interested to try it and see whether it is any good. It has a water activated bar of serum that has marine extracts and shea butter that is so super moisturising for your skin, and is supposed to be hydrating for up to 2 hours after using the razor. This razor also has 5 blades which is great as it will be better at catching all those pesky hairs that never seem to go if the razor only has the one or two blades. This is priced at £9.99 so not cheap compared to some razors on the market, but we will see if it is actually good at what it says and I will do a review on it in the future for you all.
As you may know I am quite fussy when it comes to mascaras and if it doesnt work in the first few days, then it goes in the bin. I will admit, I have not really liked the products that I have tried from the B.Cosmetics range in the past, but I have never tried one of their mascaras before and so hopefully, this will be different and I will like it. This has a lot of claims to live up to, they say it lengthens, defines, volumises and conditions. Well, we will have to see as I can't see it living up to all of those promises, 1 or 2 yes, maybe but not the 4. But you never know, I might be pleasantly surprised. On the Superdrug website, it is priced at £9.99.

Royal Apothic are a brand that I had never even heard of before seeing their lip balm in this months box. The brand are from Los Angeles, and apparently Victoria Beckham is thought to be a fan of theirs. If it is good enough for Victoria Beckham, then it is already a hit in my books. And with this awful cold weather we are having at the moment, I need all the help I can get to keep my lips moisturised and chapped free. The lip butter contains shea butter, and argan, grape seed, and almond oil to help nourish the lips, and sounds super natural, so if you like products that are not chemically overloaded, then I am sure you will like this, and the little pot is so cute.

I have quite a few products from So Susan, from previous Glossyboxes and they have always been good quality, and so it was nice to see this lip and cheek palette included in the box. I love the variety of colours, the bright red, and the coral, and the baby pink. I love cream products as you can really  sheer the look out and just have a slight tint of colour on your lips and cheeks, or you can go full on and go bright and vivid with the look you are going for. It is a really versatile product and is great for travel as it is so compact. I would not recommend it if you are going somewhere hot as the products will definitely melt, and make a huge mess of your make up bag, but if you are staying in a cooler climate, then it is perfect.

I have really enjoyed this month's box and I really do recommend Glossybox and their monthly subscription. You get a great variety of products and you get amazing value for  your money.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, and let me know in the comments if you get Glossybox and what you think of their service.

Love and Hugs.


  1. The design is very cute and absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day. It's great that you received 4 full sized products, I've always been put off by subscription boxes due to the typical sample sizes that always seem to be in them,
    I'm rather intrigued by the razor, I find the only decent ones out there are actually for males so I'll need to check out the Hydro Silk.

    Raise The Waves

    1. Yes, receiving samples is one of the reasons I did not sign up for a lot of the other boxes that have been advertised in the past. Yes that is true that men's razors seem to be better than women's. I have no idea why companies do this. Thankyou for reading and commenting. xx


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