Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Finish 5 By Cinco De Mayo

As you probably will know, I am really going to be working hard this year, to reduce my HUGE beauty stash . Firstly I am on a total no buy for this year, and I doing the #panthatpalette challenge, where I am just solely using the Lorac Pro eyeshadow palette for a whole year and trying to use every shadow up in it. With my empties every month, I will be adding the total price of each product and putting that amount into my bank account to try and save money. I really wanted to get going on using my products up and so when I saw that people were doing this Finish 5 by Cinco de Mayo project, I just knew I wanted to get involved in it. So, I found 5 products out of my collection that I would like to use up by the 5th May and I will be doing my best over the coming weeks to really use these 5 different products up.

The first product I want to finish is my Origins Ginzing Night Cream.
I have had this cream for well over a year now, and don't get me wrong I love it, but I am not really that good with looking after my skin, compared to how many beauty and make up products I own. So, I want to make sure that I am using this cream nightly and try to use it all up. Another product that I want to use up is my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.
This foundation normally does not come with a pump, but I just took the one from another foundation and put it on the Estee Lauder, as I was really struggling to get any product out, just by tapping the bottle on the back of my hand, so this pump is really helping me make sure that I am going to be using every last drop out of the bottle. I love this foundation, but as you will see from my make up inventory, I have over 30 foundations and I really do not want any of them to go bad before I have used them up. So this is the one I am going to be concentrating on first. My perfume for the next few weeks is going to be Marc Jacob's Daisy.

From the photo the bottle looks empty, but I can assure you it isn't, This perfume has been at the back of my perfume drawer for a while, and so I thought I would wear this one for a while, and you know what I am totally in love with it. In the past, I have always thought it was just not for me, not my typical sweet favourite smell, but I am really enjoying it, and I think that once my collection is paired right down, I will repurchase this one, as it is just so lovely smelling. Plus, just look how cute the bottle is, it is beautiful. Liquid products are always the ones that go off/bad first, and so that is why I have chosen a lipgloss that I want to see if I can use up, my choice is Tanya Burr's Exotic Island lipgloss.
Can you tell I love my pink? The lipgloss nearly blends into the background of my pink blanket. I love the fuschia pink of this gloss, so bright and cheery. The formula is unfortuantely quite sticky, and so if the wind is blowing your hair will get caught on it, but the lipgloss also tends to stain my lips, so that once the glossiness is worn off, you still get the pretty fuschia stain on your lips. It is so, so pretty and totally recommend this range of lipglosses. If I was not on a no buy, then I would definitely buy more colours from this range. Last of all, a product that I want to use up is a Lorac Behind The Scenes eye primer
Although these tubes are small, the amount of product you get is insane. This tube has lasted me months as you only need such a tiny amount to put on your eyelids to keep your shadow from creasing. I really want to use this up as I have had it for a good long while. So, hopefully by the 5th of May I will have used these products up. If I have not, then I will just keep plodding away and using them up till they are gone. If I do finish any product, before that date, I will include it in my empties and then add more that I want to work through.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, and let me know if you are undergoing any of the above challenges too. I am sure we will all do really well, we just need to stop buying and shop our stash. I know I have found products that I had totally forgotten I had, and I have even found 2 or 3 of the same product. Shocking, I know!!!

Love and Hugs


  1. Love the concept, I'd never be able to stick to a rigid routine but the idea of finishing up a few products before a certain date sounds fun! ;) xx
    Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty

  2. It is really fun and I am enjoying seeing what I can use up by a certain date. Thankyou for reading and commenting xx


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