Sunday, 15 February 2015

First Impressions of the Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes

Now, don't worry, I have not broken my No Buy, I purchased these brushes about a month ago, after I saw everyone in the Blogging and YouTube communities raving about them. I already own the orginal Real Techniques brushes, which I absolutely love. I use at least two of those brushes every day, and they apply my make up beautifully. So when these were first launched and I realised how much more expensive these were, I had told myself I was not going to get them, as they were £20+ EACH!!!!! But, just look how beautiful they are. I am a sucker for things metallic,they come in the shades, yellow gold which are the Base brushes, the rose gold brushes are the Finishing brushes and the silver brushes are the Eye brushes and these were just calling out to me from the computer screen. So, I went onto the Boots website, and managed to get four of the brushes, as they had been sold out for a good while after they had been originally released.The four brushes I purchased were the #201 Pointed Crease brush

I am always looking for brushes that will help me apply my crease colour and to blend it smoothly so that there are no harsh lines, and some of the brushes in my own collection are just too fat to get any detailed work done, but this brush looks as if it will really get into the right area, and allow me to be a lot more precise with my application.These brushes are so beautifully designed, they are weighted so that immediately you know you are holding a brush that is so different to the rest of your brushes in your collection. The handles are not smooth and have angled shapes on them, so that when you place them down onto a flat surface, they do not roll about, which is always happening to me with other brushes and they roll off my table onto the floor.The bristles are extremely soft, so much softer than anything I have in my collection. I love also that the bristles are white, and so that when you clean them you can ensure that all of the bristles are clean and white again. The bristles are supposedly shed resistant but I will see if this is true, when I begin to wash them. The next brush I picked up was the #200 Oval Shadow Brush

I can't deny that I love my eye brushes, because this is the area of my make up routine, that I love the most. I love to be able to pack the main colour onto my eye lid, to make the overall colour really stand out and with this brush, this is really going to enable me to do this. The bristles of these brushes are so densely packed that the application of the colour is going to be very intense, as I hate when you go to apply colour and the brush does not pick up the colour evenly, and you have to keep dipping the brush back into the shadow to make the colour look more pigmented. The 3rd brush I purchased was the Rose Gold #300 Tapered Blush Brush.

These bristles on this brush seem even softer than the others, they are just so baby soft, that they are almost too soft to even want to use. All the brushes I purchased I am super impressed with how soft they have made the brush heads, as I hate brushes that scratch your face whilst applying your makeup. I also love applying blush, I love the original Real Techniques Stippling brush for applying my blush, as it really blends the product out well. I am hoping that this new one from the collection will apply the blush just as well. The last brush that I got was the #100 Arched Powder brush.

This was the first brush that I touched when I recieved them, and my first impression was "WOW", this brush is the brush I would totally urge everyone to get, if you can only afford one brush out of the whole set, then this is my recommendation. It is amazing and super, super soft, the bristles are packed so tightly, but the brush feels like silk as you sweep it across your face.

Overall, my first impressions of the brushes is that they are just beautifully made, and a totally beautiful addition to my collection. These are pure luxury to own, and over the next year I will be getting rid of my cheaper quality brushes and incorporating these into my everyday routine, even though they are almost too pretty to use. I know they are a lot more expensive than the other Real Techniques brushes, but they are of much higher quality materials than the others and I can totally understand why they have been put in the higher price bracket.  You should definitely purchase at least one of these brushes, I know you won't regret it.

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