Sunday, 8 February 2015

Make Up Inventory February 2015

Just look at my dressing table! Can you see my problem? That is just one tiny area in my room. I have a really bad beauty addiction and it needs to stop, so that I can save my money up and treat myself in the future to really nice things like taking my little boy on holiday and improving my house.I need a new kitchen floor and a new porch area, so that is what I will be saving up for. I have looked back at what products I had last year, and in some areas I have really cut down and I am quite impressed with myself, but then there are certain areas where someone needs to really smack a bit of sense into me as the amount of products is INSANE!!! So I will now list how many I had of each last year and how many I have this year and let you know what i would like to get down to. Here goes :

PRODUCT                    FEBRUARY 2014         FEBRUARY 2015           +/-          IDEAL

Nail Polishes                  192                                 150                                  -42          75
Moisturisers                   12                                   11                                    -1             2
Perfumes                        18                                   24                                    +6!!!!      5
Bronzers                         9                                    16                                    +7!!!!!      8
Foundations                   23                                   36                                    +13!!!!!    4
Eye Primers                   18                                   6                                      -12            2
Concealers                     17                                  12                                    -5              3
Mascaras                       39                                   32                                    -7              5
Blushers                        26                                   43                                   +17 !!!!!   10
Eyeshadows                  566                                 776                                 +210!!!!  100
Eyeliners                       26                                   12                                    -14          6
Cleansers                      11                                    7                                      -4            2
Shower Gels                 13                                    11                                      -2            2
Body Lotions               23                                    15                                       -8            2
Shampoos                    26                                    7                                        -19           2

Last year I didn't even count lipsticks which is shocking, so this year I have counted that I have 81!!!! I need to get that number down to 50. Which in reality is still a lot, but not as shocking as 81.  Lip liners I have 9 which I would like to reduce to 5. My biggest shock was my eyeshadows, I mean how can someone buy 210 more eyeshadows in 1 single year.  I have 85 candles which is bad in itself,  how can some one need that many candles!!! I am stunned at how large my collection has grown in 12 months, and this needs to stop NOW. I have 78 makeup brushes, which I would definitely like to reduce by at least half, as I don't even use half of them. For those products that I have not used or just gently swatched, watch out for my Ebay account as I will be selling them on there. Or I may even write blog posts on the items that will be up for sale, and you could leave me a comment if you woud like something that I am selling.I want to get rid of all my clutter and excess products so that all of my collection will fit in my vanity, chest of drawers and my Alex 9 drawers. I am now selling 3 of my products on Ebay and so hopefully they will sell well. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am looking forward to the upcoming months and seeing how well I can reduce my collection down.

Thankyou for reading this post, and if you have any tips for me on how to really use my collection to it's full potential, I would really appreciate it.

Love and Hugs


  1. Thanks Kirsty. Let me know if you do a blog post like it, I would love to read it xx


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