Saturday, 28 February 2015

My Morning Skincare Routine

I am really trying to up my game skincare wise. In the past I have really been only focusing on the make up side of things, but I have that many different skincare creams that it is such a shame to let them sit there being unused.It is time with me getting older that I use more creams to make sure my skin looks smooth and soft well into my older years. So, now of a morning I have really tried to come up with a little routine that won't take too long, but will get the job done,with being in a rush to get my little boy to school and will give me a nice base to apply my make up on top of.

First thing I do is run the hot water tap and fill the sink with warm/hot water (I prefer it really hot) and squeeze a little of the Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser into the palm of my hand and then gently sweep all over my face and neck.

This is a gorgeous cleanser, very thick in texture but you only need a tiny amount because when you apply it with a little warm water it smooths out and really lathers up well. While I am rubbing the cleanser into my face, I soak a white muslin cloth in the hot water and then get the cloth and press and wipe off the cleanser off my skin. Once I think my skin is clean, I drain off that water and then splash my face with a little cold water to help shrink my pores that I have around my nose and chin. I dry off my face with a towel and then apply an eye cream, I have lots of different sachets of eye creams, so I just tend to grab the first one that comes to hand, and today it was the dark circle eraser.

I have not tended to "do" eye creams, in the past, but it was part of my skincare resolutions in the New Year and so I am really trying to keep using them all up. Once my eye cream has sunk into the skin I then apply my face moisturiser. This Clean and Clear moisturiser has lasted me for months and months. It is quite a greasy cream and so I do have to allow quite a bit of time for it to sink in before I apply my primer or foundation.
Another part of my routine that I have really been trying to keep up is using a hand cream. I am not good at trying to keep my hands soft and smooth, but this years harsh cold temperatures have caused my hands and knuckles to crack and dry up, so this Bee Good hand cream has really been helping my skin to heal quickly.

Well, as I said before it is a very quick routine, but it is helping me hopefully to improve the look and feel of my skin both on my face and hands. I hope you have enjoyed this post, and let me know if you have a routine and what products you are using.

Till next time,

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