Friday, 6 February 2015

#Pan That Palette Challenge and Attempting to go on a No Make up Buy

Right, it has come round to that time where I really need to knuckle down and face the horrible and daunting fact, that....... I HAVE TOO MUCH MAKE UP!!!! and shampoos, and body lotions and candles and everything. Last month I ordered myself a really expensive lipstick, I recieved it in the post. I put it down on my table, and BAM!!! the lipstick has gone and for the life of me, I just cannot find it. I am gutted to say the least, as I had not even swatched it, let alone worn it, and that is when it hit me, my collection has grown to the point now where it is stupidly large.

I love my make up and beauty products, but there is no point spending good, hard earned cash on products that are going to go off way before I use them, especially the liquid products, such as foundations, and lip glosses, and perfumes. I have decided that I am going to do an inventory of the amount of makeup that I have and I am going to post a picture of it on Instagram, and then write a blog post about it. There is a point where you have to say enough is enough, and rein in the spending.

I have a beautiful feminine, girly bedroom, that I chose all my self, but all my bedside tables, my Ikea Alex 9 drawers, my dressing table, my chest of drawers, my spare bedroom is literally bursting under so much beauty clutter that my brain just feels cluttered looking at it. To be honest, I don't think I would need to buy any make up for at least 3 years as I have so much, so I am stopping. Yes, I will be very tempted, especially when all the new collections come out, so I have really got to exercise will power and just not buy anything.

Another good thing that I have come across is on YouTube and Instagram, some lovely ladies are doing a #pan that Palette challenge, where you have to work on only one eyeshadow palette and try to use up every single bit of shadow in that palette for the whole year. So I have decided to join in this challenge, using the Lorac Pro palette. I will be updating you on my progress on the 1st of every month and seeing if I can finsh some of the shadows up.
Of course, I will be doing my empties blog posts as well, so you can monitor my progress there as well. I would like to achieve using up 100, yes, you read that correctly, 100 products out of my room,by the end of the year. I also, will be trying to use products and if I am finding that I am just not using them, or I just don't like them, I will be trying to either give them away to friends and family who may enjoy using them, or if they are new and unused, I will try to sell them on my Ebay account so that people could get some use out of them, rather than them just sitting going to waste in my drawers.

I know, I said this at exactly the same time last year, but nothing changed and in fact I purchased more and more make up every month. So, I want to be held accountable and really work hard at not wasting my money, as really how many pink lipsticks does one girl really need!?!

So, I will be posting a "What's New At The Drugstore ?" blog post sometime in the next week, and then that is it, no more buying. So far I am at 4 days of no beauty spending and so that is quite good for me. Let's keep my fingers and toes crossed that I can really do this.

If you are on a no buy, or you are doing the #panthatpalette challenge, let me know in the comments below, and hopefully we can encourage each other on this journey.

Love and hugs

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