Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Project Polish Challenge 2015

Yep, you have guessed it. This is the year for challenging myself and seeing just how well I can do at not buying anything and shopping my stash, and using up all those nail polishes that have been lingering in my set of Ikea Alex 9 drawers and never being used. So after watching others on YouTube and the blogging community do so well at #ProjectPolishChallenge I wanted to attempt this challenge too.

The aim is that you have to limit yourself to a certain amount of nail polishes to use throughout this year. I chose 7, so that I had a little bit of variety, and the aim is just to use those colours continuously and try and finish the whole of each and every bottle shownbefore the end of 2015. I don't think I have ever finished up a whole bottle of nail polish, and so this will be so exciting if I manage to do it. Normally, I only end up throwing old nail polishes out because they have gone off and separated and they were unusable, and that is such a waste of polish and of money.

I decided to choose a mixture of pastels, brights and duochromes, so that I always seem to have a new look as otherwise there might be the risk of me getting bored and giving up. I am not including any glitter polishes as I just find them really hard to remove, and to be honest they always chip off easier, and so I am thinking of selling all my glitter polishes on Ebay. Now onto the colours and brands of polish that I have chosen for this challenge. First up is the Essie polish in Go Ginza.

I thought this colour, such a pretty lilac/pink, would be perfect for the Spring and Summer months, and it is a cream finish, which I tend to prefer in my nail polish finishes. Next is Essie's Penny Talk.

I love this shade, its a metallic rose gold, and can turn a brown shade in some lights and then a beautiful pink shimmers through when the sunlight hits it. It truly is a specatacular shade, and everyone needs it in their collection. I am wearing this next colour at the moment, and I love it, it is Essie's Mint Candy Apple.

I think this is the shade that I will go through the fastest, as I love wearing this colour and have worn it lots over the past couple of years. As I give you updates every month I will be marking on the sides of the bottles, with black marker pen, where the level of polish has gone down to, so you can monitor my progress with me. Most of the bottles are nearly full and so there seemed no pint at the moment marking the bottles until next month. The next shade I chose was a bright neon orange polish from Models Own.

This is in the shade Beach Bag and is in the range that was meant to help show off any suntan you manage to get during the summer months.. All the colours in this particular range were made to make your hands look suntanned and glowy, and this particular colour looks beautiful on the toes. I wanted to include a bright pink/red for any times when I wanted to make my nails look smart and really manicured, for example if I was off out to a party or a special occasion and so this shade Pomegranate from Barry M looked perfect for this.

Isn't it just the prettiest shade? I love it and totally recommend Barry M polishes for their fantastic shade range and different finishes to their polishes, they are truly a fantastic nail polish brand and definitely rank high up there with the higher end brands on the market. I love pale blue nail polish and so this next one definitely had to be included and it is the high shine finish gelly nail polish from Barry M in Blueberry.

This is such a pretty periwinkle shade of blue, and I love the formula of these polishes as they are not too goopy, and thick, they just apply so beautifully and not streaky. With all of the polishes that I have talked about I always apply two coats as sometimes the colour; especially in the lighter colours can be a little streaky, and I like my nail polish  to look totally opaque. Onto the very last polish that I have chosen for the challenge and it is a Nails Inc polish in the shade Heddon Street.

This is a beautiful burgundy shimmery polish that has just a tiny shimmer of gold running through it. I love this polish and have worn it twice over the last couple of weeks. Right then, that is it for this post. How about you? Could you manage just staying on a certain number of polishes until the end of the year. I am at a certain disadvantage as others in the challenge started at the beginning of January and it is now nearly the beginning of March, so as you can see I am already 2 months behind but hopefully, I can do well in this and cannot wait to bring you my first update on the 25th of next month.

Till next time,


  1. Love this blog post! What a great idea :) I don't think I have ever finished a nail varnish bottle either haha :) xx
    Lauren |

    1. This is definitely going to be a hard challenge to complete that is for sure. xx thankyou for reading and commenting. xx

  2. I don't think I would be any good at this challenge ;) I should try it though because I have so many polishes and I never finish them either! You have some really great shades there and I wish you luck lol! Emma xx

    1. Thankyou Emma, if you do ever decide to do this challenge, let me know as I would love to follow your progress. xx


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