Thursday, 5 February 2015

Review: Soap And Glory Off Your Face 3 in 1 Daily Purifying Wipes

I recieved these wipes in the big Xmas Soap and Glory set I purchased last year. These are the first of the 2 packs that were inside the box, and so far I am really enjoying using them. Most of the time when you use facial wipes as part of your evening cleansing routine, you have to follow up with using a facial wash or cream cleanser afterwards as the wipes only tend to get the first layer of the make up off your skin. But this is not the case with these wipes. They smell really lovely,as they are infused with PORESHRINK - RS and Peach and Go juice (whatever that is,lol.). They are just moist enough so that you feel like the wipes are actually going to be able to cleanse your face, but not soaking wet, where the liquid is dripping off the wipe all over your vanity table/floor. I hate wipes that are so dry that they actually feel as if they are scrubbing at your skin and leaving it tender and not cleansing in any way.
You get 25 cloths in the pack and I use approx 2 or 3 each evening, depending on how much make up I have worn that day. They are suitable for all skin types, so even if you have normal, oily, combination, dry or sensitive, these will be fine for you all to use. These wipes not only cleanse the skin, but they tone too, and so that is great for if you are tired and just want to go through your evening routine quickly, as there is no need for a separate toner. They also, state that these cloths can exfoliate too, if you apply enough pressure onto your skin. For me, I have not found this, but of course, you might find that they do exfoliate your skin, as everyone is different. I like the fact that the first ingredient listed is water, as shows the wipes are not filled with all harmful chemicals. There is alcohol listed as an ingredient, so if you are trying to avoid alcohol in products, then these might not be suitable for you.

Price wise, they are not the cheapest on the market, as they are £4.50 a pack and as I will be averaging a pack every 8 or 9 days, then the price is something that may be a slight deterrent if you are trying to stick to a budget. But, if you are looking for a really good cleansing wipe, then these are definitely high up on my list for my favourite facial cleansing wipes on the high street.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, please let me know in the comments below, if you have tried these wipes and what your thoughts are on them. Or if you have some facial cleansing wipes that you think I should try, please let me know.

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