Thursday, 12 February 2015

Review: Victoria's Secret Dreamy Vanilla Hand and Body Cream.

Oh my word, where do I start in beginning to describe this body lotion. This body lotion is absolutely beautiful. From the gorgeous golden packaging with the silver sparkles decorating it, to the absolutely gorgeous smell that it leaves all over your skin as you apply it. I love anything Vanilla-esque, so when I did my first shopping trip in Victoria's Secret and spotted this on the shelf, I just knew I had to have it. The actual scent is described as vanilla and glazed creme brulee, you have to smell it to believe how good it smells.

It is so moisturising, and really sinks into the skin nearly straight away, without leaving any greasy residue on your body, so that you can get dressed straight away without worrying that the lotion will mark your clothing. This cream you can use just as a hand cream or a body lotion, and I have really enjoyed using it as a body lotion, and have recieved many compliments asking me what perfume I am wearing and when I have said that it is just the body cream that I am wearing and no perfume, they have been shocked. The tube contains 200 mls of product and so has lasted me a good while, as I have been using this for a good 3 or 4 weeks solid, and I am only just halfway down the tube. I will admit, I am over generous with the amount I have been putting on as I just love the smell of it, and how it feels on the skin.

I am really hoping that they still stock this in their ordinary stock,as I have just read on the back that it is a perfect holiday treat. NOOOOOO!!!!! I just have to have this in my collection at all times, as I love the smell of this so much. I am going to use everything else up in my stash, and then I am going to head back to Victoria's Secret to stock up on the showergel, body lotion and the perfume if they even do such things. The lotion has avocado and sweet almond oil in it, and that is probably why it just feels so silky and luxurious when you apply it. I so love this product and totally rate it 10/10, and if you love anything sweet smelling, you have to get this. It smells divine.

And so, that is the end of my total rave review of Victoria's Secret Dreamy Vanilla Hand and Body Cream. I hope you have enjoyed reading this review, and let me know if I have tempted you into purchasing this for yourselves.

Love and Hugs.

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