Monday, 9 March 2015

#BrimblesBox March 2015 Review

I just love receiving my Brimbles Box every month. If you are not familiar with it, it is a planner/stationary subscription box put together by the lovely Anna Brim. She is a YouTuber and makes videos on all sorts of topics but mainly art, journalling and planning. These boxes can be ordered on a monthly basis, or if you just want to try one box, you can order just the one at a time. All the boxes have a theme/topic to them, and the products inside all relate or are associated with that theme. Past months boxes have been " Reach For The Stars" and "The Month Of Love". This months box was all about Springtime and Easterand all the packaging was lots of different shades of green. Upon opening the box there was the gorgeous card (see above) which wished us all a Happy Easter and spoke of her love for her bunny rabbits. I loved the green spotty bag which held my new A5 dashboard which was so cute with the chicks and rabbits all over.
Next out of the box was a pen in Green. I love recieving pens in my boxes as I am a bit of a pen fiend and collect them wherever I go, and after recieving a pink pen in last months box, recieving a green pen this month will add nicely to my collection. A girl can never have enough pens, right???

What is a planner without Washi Tape? I love it and have recently used a lot of my other rolls of washi up and so this gorgeous green striped washi looks so good in my Erin Condren planner which this month is all coloured in shades of green and so everything will match up nicely.
For a while now, I have been thinking about rejoining my local library,  yes, I love my kindle so much, but I do miss the feel of actually holding a book in my hand and looking at pretty covers of books, and I may be weird here, but the smell of books. So, in order to be able to go back to reading books, I will need a nice bookmark to save my page as I have lost all the ones I used to use in the past, and so this cute sheep bookmark is just perfect.
These stickers did not last long in their packet, I can assure you. The night I recieved this box, I opened them straight up and was decorating away in my planner. I love them and they look really sweet on my pages. There is just something about stickers that really cheers me up and seeing them making all my planner pages pretty makes me feel happy. I mean, how cute are those dog stickers.

If you are anything like me, I am forever making lists of things I need to do during the day, or at the weekend, and if I don't write it down, it goes straight out of my head so this pack of To Do sheets is great, and there are tons of them, so it will definitely be a while before I run out, and will help to keep me organised.
I actually had to insist that this next item, was mine because as soon as my partner saw it, he wanted it. This planner charm has to be the cutest one yet that I have ever seen. Yes, I have said that about every single planner charm Ihave recieved in these boxes, but oh my word, Anna, this is gorgeous.
A CREME EGG CHARM!!!!! how sweet is that. I love chocolate, I love Creme Eggs, and I love planner charms, the perfect combination definitely.
This stationary set is just too sweet for words, and I have already been using the pencil sharpener and pencil, and I know the ruler will come in handy too. I have to say that the Brimbles Box just gets better and better with every month and just never fails. It is so worth the money, because of the quality of the products and the amount you get inside the box is just phenomenal. I love it and can't wait for next months box. Keep up the good work Anna xx

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and let me know in the comments if you subscribe to any subscription boxes and what you think of them.

Till next time,

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