Wednesday, 4 March 2015

February 2015 Empties and Fails

Just look at all those empties, I have been on a mission determined to get rid of products and use them up, just so I can concentrate on getting to use the products that I love the most. From now on I will be adding up the prices of all those empties and then putting that money towards paying off my bills. Normally in a month I get through between 5 and 10 products, but this month I have 16!!!! to talk about, so lets get on and get through the big box of empties and fails.
This Tesco hairspray has lasted me for ages and it only cost me 70p. If you are just looking for a bog standard hairspray with no frills,just does exactly what it says on the can, then this is the hairspray for you. For the price it is a great product.Next up is a mouthwash, I go through these regularly and just tend to purchase whatever is on offer at the time, and this month it was the Colgate Max White One mouthwash valued at £1.99
As I was totalling the prices up I was getting a little disappointed thinking that 70p and £1.99 wasn't going to be a lot of money to add up, but then I realised how many cheap products I had and how so many of them might give me a great total to work on, so really trying to stay positive and know that I can and will do this mission. The next product was the Soap and Glory Facial Wipes which I reviewed for you a couple of weeks ago. They are great at taking your make up off and really recommend them. They retail for £4.99.

A big positive in my empties this month was the fact that I have finally finished the HUGE bottle of Viva La Juicy Couture La Fleur perfume. It was 100mls in size and took me the good part of two years to finish. A gorgeous perfume, and such a pretty bottle to have on the dressing table too.
This perfume retails at £31.99 and so that is a great help towards my bill reduction. Now this next product is a huge fail. I normally love The Body Shop and all of their products and when I saw last year a body sorbet in the scent of Pink Grapefruit, I just knew I wanted it and so straight away purchased it. Because my toiletries collection is so huge, it wasnt until last month that I finally got around to trying it, and oh my word what a disappointment. The fragrance is fantastic but the product just does absolutely nothing. It does not froth or lather up on your sponge and so basically it just washed straight away with the flow of the water. Even my little boy tried it, and even he said "Mommy, there is no soap", so that one was just a total let down and a huge waste of £8.00!!
I have managed to really go through some conditioners this month and I used up a Pantene Breakage Defence conditioner  and the Redken Diamond Oil conditioner, one retails for £1.99 and the Redken at £11.90!. A bit of a difference in the prices I know. With the Redken there was still a lot left in the bottle as again I just could not squeeze the bottle enough to get the product out.

I also used the Redken Diamond Oil shampoo up too, well, as much as I could get out of the bottle and this also retails for £11.90. Now about a year ago in a Glossybox I recieved the Wilkinsons Naturals Razor and I absolutley loved it, and the razor gave such a good shave and I loved the way the moisture bar really helped to soften my legs, but recently, I really fell out of love with it, and even though I had changed the moisture bars on the razor, I just could not get it to work the same way as I had when I first recieved it, and so decided to go back to some different razors. I still had two of the blades left but have decided to get rid of them, as will probably not go back to that razor in a hurry. The bars retail for £6.30.

I also used up a Gilette shaving gel. I love the Gilette shaving gels, as they really help the razors to glide over the skin, and smell gorgeous. This retails for £2.99 and I will definitely be purchasing this in the future.
I love the Sure creme deodorants and have used up lots of these in the past. They just keep you so dry and fresh for the whole day. I have now moved onto other anti perspirants in the spray form, and they just do not perform as well, and so will definitely be repurchasing the Sure cream in the near future.
It retails for £5.79.
This month I started colouring my hair again, I used the Casting Creme Gloss hair colourant in the shade Berry Red. They are so simple to use and give great results so will be definitely repurchasing this in the very near future. The Casting hair colourants retail for £5.79.
Now a brush that I have used for the past 2 or 3 years, the Sigma F80 was my favourite brush to apply my foundation with, died a death when I last washed it. All the bristles started falling out , and I ended up with them falling into my make up and so I just knew it was the end . When I purchased it, the brush cost £18.95 and so was not the cheapest brush to have bought, but I definitely recommend it, and will repurchase it again in the future.
A toothpaste I went through again is the Colgate Max White Whitening Strips toothpaste which I used in conjunction with the mouthwash featured earlier in this post. It was a great toothpaste and really look for whitening toothpastes when I am shopping for a new one, and this really helped make me more confident on how my teeth were looking.It retails for £2.20
Unfortunately another fail for me this month, and I can hear people disagreeing with me already, but the Kat Von D Tattoo liner.
I just couldn't get it to look right and when I tried it anywhere my lower lash line, my eyes just stung so much that I had to remove it straight away. Im really gutted about this too as I have heard people raving about how good it was. When I looked online, it was valued at £10.00. Right onto the very last product for this month's empties and it was the Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight sample. As it was just a little sample then I could only use it a couple of times, but it seemed nice the couple of times I used it.
If you have managed to read all that little lot, and ended up here, I congratulate you as it was such a long post. Now onto the important part, the total I have managed to save toward my bills. Drum roll please........................................................ £124.78!!!!!

I am so thrilled with how I have done and can't wait to see how my bills go down. I really encourage everyone to do this too and see how well you can do.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments how you are doing with getting your collections down.

Love and Hugs.

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