Sunday, 29 March 2015

GRWM: An Everyday Make Up Look feat Benefit, Bourjois, Mac,and Maybelline

I haven't written a Get Ready With Me post in a long while and so today, I thought I would change all that. When it comes to work make up, I tend to most of the time, try to keep it quick and simple as I just have not got the time, to be experimenting with new eyeshadows and blush and lip combos, and so I tend to stick to products that I know are consistent and make me look vaguely presentable for the day ahead. I know that you are supposed to in theory, do your eye make up first, before the foundation stage to prevent the shadow fallout ruining your foundation, but I do it the other way around. I just have always done it this way, and it tends to always work out alright, I just powder any excess shadow fall out off my cheeks, and hey ho, the foundation looks okay again. So, on with my GRWM. First up, using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, I apply the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation all over my face taking care to pay special attention to around the hair line and the jaw line to make sure that it is all blended nicely and no "lines" left.
This is quite a thick foundation and really gives good coverage, and I even apply a very thin layer of this over my dark circles as a kind of concealer under my eyes. I do have to set it with the Laura Mercier Secret brightening powder so that it does not crease and give me the look of extra wrinkles, that I really do not need.

I love this powder so much. It is amazing and if you have not already tried it, you NEED it in your life. It is so finely milled, and you just need a tiny amount on your brush, otherwise you will end up flinging it everywhere and wasting it. I just lightly tap the ends of the bristles of my brush into it and then gently, tap, tap, tap, and the foundation/concealer is set for the whole day. Now onto the eyes, I always use an eye primer no matter whether I am wearing a cream shadow over the top, or a powder shadow, as I find that even when they (brands) say that the cream shadows won't crease, they do on my eyelids, so a base is a must, and so this last week, I took a break from using the Lorac Behind The Scenes eye primer, which is taking me forever to use up and began to use my Too Faced Shadow insurance primer.
This is a lot thinner in consistency than the Lorac eye primer, and so it spreads so easily across the whole eye lid. I use this right from the roots of my eyelashes, right to my brow bone, so that each shadow will apply smoothly and evenly. Last week, I really enjoyed using the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze, or if you are in the US it is called Bad To The Bronze. I really do not understand why the UK and the US have to have different names for the entirely same product. With the colour tatto, I just use my ring finger and lightly spread it across the whole eyelid, only going up to the crease. Then to give a little dimension I have just added a touch of extra product in the outer V to darken up the look in that area, and give it a little depth.

For eyeliner, I have been loving a product I recieved in a Glossybox a couple of months ago. It is so black in colour and does not bleed, and lasts a good long time in my waterline, which is what I need with my watery eyes.
I really recommend this eyeliner and will be looking out for other products from this brand, as I am really impressed with how good this eyeliner actually is. Yes, I know I have jumped on the bandwagon with this new Benefit Roller Lash mascara. But I am so glad, that I have, as it is FANTASTIC and I will be writing a review of it very soon. It really gives curl to my lashes which i never get, and it is jet black in colour which I really like in a mascara. I think if you are going to wear mascara, you want to be able to tell that you are wearing it so the darker my lashes the happier I am.
For me, Benefit products are some of my most favourite and one of my favourite products of theirs EVER!!!! is the Dallas blush/bronzer. This product is so very pigmented, that you have to be really careful with how much and where you apply it, as it is only too easy to go overboard and look like you fell into the blush, rather than just give your cheeks a hint of colour. I call it a blush/bronzer because with my colouring it can look a little like both as it definitely has a warmth to it, like a bronzer has, but then it has a beautiful pink/coral undertone like a blush.

I use the Real Techniques stippling brush to apply this to my cheekbones, as it really blends every product beautifully. Last but not least, is one of my most recent Mac acquisitions, the Royal Ball lipstick from the Cinderella collection. This colour is so pretty and so effortless to apply, that I know this will be in my handbag for a good long time.

Don't you just love the packaging too? Simply beautiful. I hope you have enjoyed this Get Ready With Me post, let me know in the comments if you would like me to do more posts like this for you, and I will be happy to oblige.

Till next time.

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