Monday, 30 March 2015

March 2015 Empties

Yet again this month I have really tried hard to work through my stash of beauty products and try to make more space in my storage for newer products. As you can see I have managed to get through a good amount of products and will be able to,yet again make a good payment off my bills. Right onto my empties. First up is the Oral B mouthwash which retails for £3.99
It is a very good mouthwash but won't repurchase as I really prefer the Sensodyne Pronamel mouthwashes. Next up I finally finished the Soap and Glory Orangeasm, which I have been using for months. It is a huge bottle, 500mls in fact and I got it in the Soap and Glory Special box set a couple of weeks before Christmas, and has lasted me 3/4 months. I would totally repurchase any Soap and Glory products and at £6.50, is fantastic value for money.
This past month I have totally been on a hair colourant kick. I am trying desperately to get rid of the black that is finally growing out, and I have been torn between dying my hair a vivid purple shade or a bright red. So at first I tried the Live XXL colour in Ultra Violet, RRP £5.49
This really did not show up and I was not happy with the effect that it gave and so then decided on the Garnier Olia hair colourant in Red, RRP £5.59
This was much better and have since purchased a hair colourant from Casting in Cherry Red, and this has really given me a lot of compliments from my friends and family on my hair, and so I am finally happy with the colour, so you can expect this in future months empties blog posts. I have been trying to work through my Yankee Candle collection as it had grown way too big, and really I wont need another candle until at least late summer. The candle I finished this month was the delicious sweet smelling Fireside Treats. It is such a gorgeous fragrance and definitely will be on my list to repurchase later in the year. I spent £8.99 on this small candle.

YES!! I finished another perfume, which was in my Finish 5 by Cinco de Mayo challenge. Marc Jacob's Daisy is a beautiful fresh, floral scent and I loved wearing this, I will definitely repurchase this in the future, RRP £37.99
Hand creams are not something I tend to use but this month I finished up a Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream in the fragrance Tarocca Orange, with Eucalyptus and Sage. It was only a small 25g tube and so got used up pretty quickly. The smell was beautiful and really did leave my hands feeling velvety smooth. RRP £4.50, would I repurchase? I don't think I would due to the fact, I just don't tend to use hand creams all that often, but it is a beautiful product.
A shampoo I finished was the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal, RRP £5.99. It is a very nice shampoo but I won't be repurchasing just due to the fact that I have since purchased more shampoos. I know, I should not be buying more, as I have some in my stash, but I guess I am just not going to get used to not purchasing overnight.
I finished a foundation which was the amazing Estee Lauder Double Wear, RRP £29.50 I love this foundation and I was sad to finish it, but I have plenty to work through and the foundation I am currently slowly working on is the Benefit's Hello Flawless, which just does not seem to be going down.
I finished a sample of Estee Lauder Sumptuous  Mascara, RRP £4.49 which was a really nice mascara and I would recommend if you want  full looking lashes. The brush was a natural bristled brush and really clung to the lashes and gave great lift to them too. I love my eyelashes to look really dramatic and this mascara really impressed me.
 Now you all know how much I loved the Victoria's Secret Dreamy Vanilla body lotion. I LOVED this product and would definitely repurchase as it smelled so good. I applied it in the morning after my shower, and then when I was getting changed for bed in the evening I could still smell it on my skin, which really impressed me. I paid £5.50 for this big tube, which is a great price for a fantastic product. The lotion sank straight into the skin without leaving any sticky residue too.
I finally finished the Clean and Clear moisturiser which I have been using on and off for 18 months. To be honest I would not repurchase as I really didnt think it did much too my skin and I would rather try out a new moisturiser. The Clean and Clear dual action moisturiser retails for £2.00.
Last but not least was a Colgate Max White toothpaste, RRP £4.50 I really did enjoy this toothpaste, but as you know I am not picky about my toothpastes and just tend to buy whatever is on offer at the time of purchase.
So, that is all the products I managed to work my way through this month. A grand total of 13 products and the amount I have saved is (drum roll please) ........... A massive £125.13!!! So this will be another amount taken off my bills. I am pleased with how I am doing. although I have been spending again, but hopefully can reign it back in a little and keep focused on the end goal, which is to reduce clutter and pay off bills quicker.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and look forward to talking to you all again very soon.


  1. Love a good empties post, you are so much better at using things up than me though. X

    1. It does require a lot of will power though, and just lately my will power has totally gone, so next month I don't think I will have half as many as I have the last couple of months x


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