Saturday, 7 March 2015

#PanthatPalette Challenge Update #1 feat.Lorac Pro Palette

Today I wanted to update you all on how the past month has been since I started doing the #PanthatPalette Challenge with some fellow bloggers and YouTubers. As you can see in the picture above that when I first started there was hardly any progress at all, and the end Slate shade on the bottom row, was smashed when it arrived in the post, and so that shade was already gone when I started the challenge. The past four weeks have really flown by and I have not got bored with the Lorac Pro palette at all and I even managed to hit pan on Cream, which was very exciting for me, as to hit pan on an eyeshadow is a rarity for me. So in the following photos I will show you if I have made any significant dips in the shadows and what colour combinations I have been enjoying using.
Just look at the amount of pan showing on Cream. I hit pan 2 weeks ago and have been consistently using it as my highlight and inner corner shade and to set my undereye concealer. It is a great multi use shade and I will be really disappointed when it is all gone. White, I only used a couple of times as my highlight, and haven't enjoyed using it as much as the cream shade, but will go back to it once Cream is all used up. Taupe I have used as my main crease colour and have used it a lot, I have also enjoyed using it as my all over lid colour with the Maybelline Bad To The Bronze colour tattoo underneath to provide a little shimmer to the look. Nude, I barely touched these last few weeks, and Champagne I used a little bit more but have been enjoying darker looks than the shimmery shades give. Gold I am wearing today and have worn that 4 or 5 times. It is a very coppery gold shade though and can tend to look more Orange toned in some lights, and so have sometimes just swept a little of the champagne shade over the top just to tone it down a little.
Light Pink has been one of my go to shades, and have loved teaming it with either Mauve in the crease or Pewter in the crease. I was quite shocked that I have not hit pan on Light Pink but hopefully over the next 4 weeks, I will make some progress on it. Mauve is a lovely shade and I have really enjoyed wearing it, and Sable is so much darker when you apply it than what it looks in the palette. I have found that with these shadows is that they are so much darker in pigmentation than you think, so you really do have to be very light handed when you go to apply the shadows. Light Bronze I have worn a few times, but it is not one of my favourites as it kicks up such a lot of fallout once you dip your brush in. Garnet, I wore maybe once with Deep Purple as my accent shade and it all looked quite muddy once everything was blended and turned it into a dark Brown look, which I was surprised at.
Deep Purple I have loved wearing even though it isn't purple when you apply it, it is almost a deep brown/black shade on my eyes, I have worn it so much too and you cannot even see any progress on it. Black, I have used as an outer V shade a few times, which has blended out so nicely and really given a nice smokey eyed look. Espresso, I wore once but I did not like the shade, but fear not, I will try it again this month to see if I can get to like it a little more.

So, that is my update. I am overall,really pleased with my progress, most of all that I hit pan on cream, and that I am really trying to create different looks with the colours. My goals for my March update are

* to hit pan on Light Pink
* to hit pan on Deep Purple
* to completely use up Cream
and finally to hit pan on Gold.

If you are taking part in this #panthatpalette challenge please let me know in the commenst how you are doing as I would love to check out your progress and keep me motivated.  Thankyou for reading.

Much Love


  1. Replies
    1. You should definitely get it, the shadows are beautiful and so pigmented. Thankyou for reading and commenting xx

  2. looks amazing :))

    great post

    would love to know your thoughts on my new post Jadiee'sLittleBlog



    Have a nice day


  3. Hi Jade, love your blog, have liked your page on Facebook and subscribed to your updates on Bloglovin. Thankyou for reading my blog and commenting xx

  4. Great job! Look at all that pan on cream! You'll have it finished in no time!

    1. Thankyou. Hopefully I will finish it soon, I am really struggling to hit pan on the other shades. There is so much shadow in each pan.


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