Thursday, 2 April 2015

MakeUp Geek Blush Haul

I have to say that MakeUp Geek as a brand are absolutely fantastic, they never cease to impress me. With first their eyeshadows, then their foiled shadows, which are beautiful by the way and now the blushes. Every single product that I have purchased have been of the highest quality and total bargains for the price you pay too. The eyeshadows are some of the staples in my collection and I will definitely repurchase any more that they release. They are pigmented and easy to blend, and there is hardly any fallout too, which is indicative of a good shadow.

So when I heard that MakeUp Geek did blushes, I knew I just had to try them. As you can see from the title photo, I purchased the Blush starter kit, which came with peach blushes, corals, and bright pinks. The only thing that is a tiny let down is that they don't come in their own palette, you have to purchase your own, so this time I purchased some Mac palettes to store them in because I had had a bad experience with Z palettes I had bought in the past. I will now talk you through the blushes that came in my order. The first 2 are called Spell bound and Summer Fling.
 Now would you believe, that these swatches are just one swipe through the blush. Look how pigmented they are. The pink one is called Spellbound and the orange is is Summer Fling. I will say that the orange is much brighter and intense in colour than what it is showing in the picture.

This is the top row from the second palette and from L-R are Bliss, Love Note and Rendez vous. Rendez Vous is such a pretty colour, and I would have to be my favourite from the 8 blushes I purchased. To me, it feels closest to my natural blush colour, and I really love wearing this shade. The middle shade Love Note is a very pale peach pink and would look lovely even worn as an eyeshadow, used as an inner corner highlight to brighten a smoky look up. Bliss is a true orange shade, just a little lighter than Summer Fling. Here are the 3 bottom blushes.

From L-R,  Romance, Secret Admirer, and Smitten. Secret Admirer is a beautiful blush, and I love this colour. It is a blue based pink even with a touch of lavender in it. They are really soft and buttery to apply. The only one I was not that thrilled with was Smitten, just seems to not be as pigmented as the other shades, but it could be just the way I swatched it as I have not got round to wearing this one in a look as of yet.

I LOVE these blushes, and I totally recommend the whole line to anyone if you have not got round to buying anything from that brand. They cost $9.99 which is a great price for a big amount of product.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and let me know what MakeUp Geek products you own that you love.

Till next time,


  1. Great post I don't actually own any products by makeup geek shockingly but I really like rendez vous to that's so pretty: lovely swatches
    Laura @ Liberty loves makeup

  2. You definitely should try out MakeUp Geek, they are beautiful products. Thankyou for reading and commenting. xx


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