Thursday, 16 April 2015

Review: O.P.I "You Don't Know Jacques" Nail Polish

Oh no, I hear you say. A BROWN nail polish, eurggh!!! I thought that at first, but I soon changed my mind, when I saw how pretty the actual colour is on your nails. It is so flattering on the nail, and looks really classy and elegant when worn with a very shiny top coat over the top of it. It is a true cult favourite among YouTubers and Beauty Bloggers, and I can understand why. O.P.I are a fantastic nail polish brand, and over the years I aquired many of their colours, from brights to darks, from neon's to pastels and this taupe brown is one of my favourites ever. It is a cream  formula and glides onto the nails without streaking at all, which I love. Cream polishes have to be my most favourite polish to use as they just apply so beautifully to the nail and require hardly any effort in application.
It is quite a wide brush, and so you don't need many strokes with the brush to cover the entire nail. I always do one swipe down the centre of the nail, and then one to the left of it, and then one to the right. I have found if you do too many then that is when you get too much polish on the nail and the risk of the polish bubbling and the easier you will find that the polish chips.
Not a very good photo, I wil agree. But I like to wear this polish when you want something classy and elegant but just a little different from the normal reds and pinks.You can wear this colour with any colour outfit, even if you are going out to special event, then this taupe cream nail polish, will really add a touch of something different to pull your whole look together.

I hope you have enjoyed this review and let me know in the comments if you have this colour in your nail polish collection too.

Love and Hugs,

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