Saturday, 11 April 2015

Save The Date tips feat.

Last week, I was approached by the lovely Katie at and was asked if I would like to write a post all about my tips and ideas for making creative and unique invitations and cards for save the dates, for example birthdays and weddings and celebrating big events in your lives. At first I was a little daunted on how I could write this post as I am not a great photographer, but maybe my tips will help one of you reading this for a future event coming up.

I think the main thing with creating your own invites and cards is to

*make the images capture your own personality/personalities or
*include a significant colour that will be prevalent throughout the event or
*if you are not happy with a photo, incorporate some text on the front of the card that really is bold and standout.

As for me, if I was making a Save The Date card for my birthday party, I would include a picture of a make up product, such as one of my favourite lipsticks and make the image really bold, and then have whatever text in a bright PINK shade, to make it stand out. 
 I love this, because the lipstick picture on it, looks like one of my beloved Mac lipsticks, and has a cup of coffee on it. This screams my name!!
See how this text really stands out and catches your eye. I love the bright colours. But if perhaps, your wedding /event is going to have a more classical theme to it, then metallic shades would really pretty too.

If you want to incorporate a photo of your self, then I would really try to get the photo to really capture you in a photo, and I personally like more natural photos, ones where you are not posing for the photo, maybe for example you and your partner holding hands, or sat watching a sunset, or just an image of you taking part in one of your favourite past times.

These would make really good invitations

I also like black and white themed cards and invites, as sometimes even the simple look, can be more effective and eyecatching than a big, bold, brash design.
I just love all the options that has available for you to look at and gain ideas from. I think the most important thing when creating a big event and designing your invites and cards and thankyou notes, is to make them so you, and unique. So that when your friends and family recieve them they know straight away that it is from you and will want to keep them for years to come.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and that I have helped in a small way to give you some ideas and inspiration for your future big events.

Love and Hugs

*This is not a sponsored post, and I have recieved no incentive for writing this blog. All opinions are my own.

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