Friday, 3 April 2015

The Brimbles Box April 2015

Oh, how excited I get when the little white box arrives on my doorstep every month. It means that my Brimbles box has arrived and I get to see all the goodies, that I have been sent from Anna, the lovely creator of the Brimbles Box. If you are not aware of this box, the Brimbles box is a monthly stationary and planner subscription box, and contains lots of different items that you can use that are all planner/stationary related. I have been subscribed since it first started back in January, and not once have I ever been disappointed. All the products are chosen with great care, and all relate to a theme that Anna has chosen. So onto this months box. The picture above shows the card that greeted me when I first opened the box, and on the back of it, Anna talks about the British peoples love for talking about the weather and little April showers. Which is quite apt, as as I am typing this post, the rain is pouring down outside.
Isn't that sticker so cute? This was the wrapper that covered the goodies inside the box.
This gorgeous paper bag, housed the A5 planner dashboard that gets sent with the A5 planner box. The dashboard is always created and painted by Anna herself. She is fantastic at designing her own dashboards and dividers and has her own Etsy shop, if you fancy looking for planner supplies. When I saw the dashboard, I just melted, it is just so cute.
Look at those wellington boots! Everything I was getting out of the box, I was just going "ahhh, oooh, ohhh" because everything was just so lovely and so practical. Just look at the little rubber duck that was in the box too.
So cute!I love the eyelashes. And it squeaks too. Daniel (my little boy) has already laid claim to it, saying he wants it for his bath times.Other duck themed items were a lovely pastel coloured pen, which writes in blue ink, and a very useful paper clip.

Another really useful item for me were the "Things To Do" lists. I am always needing to write lists to keep me on track, and to help me get jobs done. For me, I can never have enough of these.
I also use these as paper for my weekly shopping lists too. Washi tape is always nice to recieve as it helps to make your planners/ filofaxes/stationary pretty and really shows a little of your personality in what could be just a page of boring writing. I have been on the lookout for some very thin strips of washi tape, but had never been able to find any in my local stationary stores. So to recieve some in this months Brimbles box was brill. I love that it is in the colours of the rainbow, and will look lovely in my Websters Pages Colour Crush planner and in my Erin Condren planner too.
You get 10 rolls of thin washi tape!! Thats brill, and will last me for ages. Another way to decorate your planner is by stickers and I love them. As soon as I see stickers I have to put them in my planner straight away and these are no different.They are felt stickers in clouds, raindrops, and lightening bolts, so cute and will be a fun way for me to document the weather in a different way than I normally do.
I love notebooks and am always walking round WhSmiths and Paperchase trying to find new notebooks but I can never choose, as they are all so pretty, and this pocket one in the Brimbles Box is no different. All decorated in fluffy white clouds with little facial expressions on them. This is slightly different from your standard notbook, as it is not lined but has grid notepaper in, which makes it perfect for making lists or even using as a bullet journal.
Included in the box was a clip from another Etsy store called RedPennyPress, and it is really pretty and well made, and I will definitely be checking out the rest of their products in their store when I have a free minute.
Stamps are something I am yet to use in my planner and I did not own any before these tiny schedule stamps came in the box.These are all decorated with different types of weather too, and so these will be used to record the weather in my planners too. See how everything is included around the one theme? I think this shows how much thought Anna puts into the products that get put into each box, and really shows a high level of detail that is included.
A cute addition to the box were some lovely thankyou cards with little teacups and spoons on them. I never have any thankyou cards in my stationary stash, so these will come in very useful in the future.
Last, but not at all least is another beautiful planner charm in the shape of a little fluffy cloud. I love planner charms, and the Brimbles boxes are the route of my obsession with them. They are really made in the highest quality and come in their own little bag, separate to the rest of the box.

Well, that is the roundup of all the gorgeous products that I recieved in this months box. Yet again, I am thrilled with every single product in the box and look forward to next months products. If you are not subscribed to a stationary box, then I really recommend this Brimbles Box, as it just always contains the most wonderful and well though out products.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Till next time,

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