Sunday, 10 May 2015

#BrimblesBox April 2015 Review

How I love to recieve my monthly stationary/planner box from Anna Brim (a lovely youtuber/blogger, definitely check out her blog and YouTube channel, Mrs Brimbles). It is always filled with gorgeous stationary and planner goodies. So let's dive in and and look at what I recieved.
 This month's theme is "the garden". Just look at these sweet little stickers with sweet little images of flowers, bird feeders and garden tools. In every month's box so far I have always recieved a planner charm, I love all my different planners that I own, and it is so nice to add the charm to pretty it up. This month's charm is a little garden gnome and it has the sweetest little face.
As I am relatively new to all the planner decoration world, I only have quite a limited amount of washi tape and stickers, and have always wanted a stamp to add a different element to my decorating. This one is so cute and has a lovely bear with flowers in its paws. So all I need to do now, is to visit a stationary shop to purchase some ink for it, and this cute little bear will be decorating my pages very soon.
Pencil cases are always wanted as I have developed a new passion for colouring, and have joined up with the Art Therapy website, which is monthly subscription service where you recieve art supplies, in pencils, felt tips and different colouring pictures, and have LOTS of felt tip pens, and not enough pencil cases to store them all in. This pencil case is just so pretty, and I really love the overall look of springtime, and the bumblesbees and flowers.
I also, love the fact that it is made of a material that can be wiped over in case any felt tip marks leak onto it, it wont damage the pattern and overall look of the case.  I always like to add dividers and dashboards to my planner as they help to categorise  my different sections that I need and add a little colour to it. All the dashboards are painted by Anna herself, and they are all so pretty and unique.
I loved this months box because it contained things that I have never tried or used before, such as the stamp that I mentioned above and also, some paper die cuts that I have seen fellow planner addicts talking about and using but I have never used or owned any myself. These are lovely with little quotes and flowers and a really unique colour way in peach, grey and cream.
I am constantly forgetting things, and sometimes they are very urgent and so the more notes or lists I have in various places, i.e stuck on the kitchen cupboard, in my handbag, on my phone, the easier it is for me to try and remember things. So, sticky notes and lists are fantastic and I love the ones that were included in this months box. They have the quote "Smart People Write It Down written on the bottom, and the picture of a garden snail on the bottom right hand corner.
Last , but certainly not least are two rolls of washi tape, one thick and one thin with polka dots and little white flowers one. These are great if you dont wat to put a lot of decoration on your pages but you want a little splash of colour.
If you have never tried a planner subscription service then the #BrimblesBox is a great one to try as you can just purchase a one off box to see if you like it, without commiting yourself to it every month. is the link to her website if you would like to find out more.

I hope you have enjoyed this review, let me know in the comments if you have any subscriptions to monthly planner boxes as I am always on the hunt for new planner friends.

Till next time.

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  1. omg that pencil case is so cute!! i love stationary u can never have enough of too much stationary i think its just one of those things that gets me excited in a weird way loool xx :)


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