Sunday, 17 May 2015

GRWM: Peacocks and Glitter

I have not done a Get Ready With Me post in ages, so I thought today, with using some new products I would show what products I have been loving. To start the look off, I always use a primer so that the foundation goes on a lot smoother and blends out easier. The primer I have been loving is the Benefit Porefessional.
I love, love this primer and althought this is only a sample size, I would definitely repurchase the large tube, but I have LOTS of primers to get through first before I buy a new one. My foundation I have been using lots is an OLD bottle of L'Oreal Infallble foundation. I love it, it really blends out nicely but gives my skin a full coverage matte finish. I think maybe this shade is a little too dark for my natural skintone but I have only a small amount left in this jar, and so will continue to use it up.

See what I mean about it being an old bottle. It says that the foundation lasts 16 hours and I can definitely say that it lasts 12+ hours. My concealer is a must, as lately my dark circles are just getting worse and worse so the Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer has really been a saviour, a few clicks and blended out, the shadows more or less disappear.  It really helps brighten and lighten the whole eye area.
To prevent it creasing during the day I have been brushing over the Bourjois powder to set it in place.
It gives a nice matte finish and blends the whole skin look together. Now onto the main part of this look, the eyes. To begin with, I use the Too Faced shadow insurance , this feels very liquidy and fluid when applied onto the eyelid. So I always just wait a couple of minutes for it to just set a little bit.
Urban Decay have some gorgeous eyeshadows especially in their Moondust range. If you do not own any, you HAVE to get some the colours are simply stunning. For this look I wanted to use the beautiful green glittery "Zodiac" shade. It looks dark in the pan, but once it hits the light the sparkle and glitter in this shadow is simply stunning.
It is a green base with green, gold and blue glitter.Because I wanted to minimise the fallout because of the glitter so I just used a small flat paddle brush and I just patted the shadow over the main eyelid. As it is such a dark base for the colour I wanted a slight contrast for the crease and so thought the Mauve shade in the Lorac Pro palette that I am trying to pan would be perfect.

For some reason the Mauve shade looks a lot lighter on camera, than it does in real life. In real life it is a beautiful dusty pink/purple shade and really blended out the green beautifully.
I wanted the eyes to look striking and so decided to line the waterline with the Bobbi Brown Black Ink gel eyeliner. This gave the really defined look I was after. The gel liners I find work the best for me as they are really intense and pigmented.

The mascara I have been loving is the Benefit's Roller Lash, it is simply fantastic.
Because the eyes are so intense I didn't want the cheeks to take away from the whole eye look. I just wanted the cheeks to have a little hint of colour and a gentle shimmer. Benefit's Rockateur is just perfect for a little pink sheen.

This blush has the most beautiful delicate pink shimmer running through it, that you really don't need to use a highlight with it. For my lips I wanted a nude colour as I wanted the eyes to look the most striking, and so Mac's Creme d'Nude was perfect.
This is such a moisturising lipstick and just glides onto the lips, so you really don't need a lip liner or need to carry a mirror out with you to reapply. Here is the overall look.
I hope you have enjoyed this Get Ready With Me post and let me know in the comments if you own any of the fabulous Moondust shadows.

Love and Hugs.


  1. I absolutely love this Benefit primer too, it makes my foundation last for ages! Great post dear, I love Get Ready With Me's <3

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading it. I will make sure I do more of these types of posts. xx


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