Saturday, 16 May 2015

May 2015 Empties

Lately, I just love it when I totally use a product up. It just feels like an accomplishment and feels good knowing I am using up my products and making room perhaps for new things. I have really been concentrating on looking after my hair and trying to get it in good condition. So I have been using a hair masque to try and put some softness back in, repair my split ends, and get rid of some of the brittleness. The John Frieda Full Repair mask is lovely, and I have been using it twice a week, wrapping my hair in a towel, leaving it for 20-30 minutes and then rinsing it out and it really has helped improve the overall look and feel to my hair.
I love trying new shampoos and this Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating  one was really nice, but a little on the expensive side. I have not included the conditioner in this months empties as I am still working my way through that bottle, but it will no doubt be in next month's empties post. The shampoo smelt really nice and lathered up really well. I hate shampoos that don't lather.
Another good thing about this shampoo is that it was sulfate free and paraben free and so those nasty chemicals are not doing untold damage to your hair whilst using it. Shower gels, I have found are really easy for me to go through as I have to have a bath/shower daily, otherwise I just feel horrible. The two that I have used up this month are the Lush Yummy Mummy shower gel and the Aussie Body wash.

The Lush shower gel is unfortunately limited edition, and so I doubt that you can still get it in stores. It looks as though there is still some product left in the bottom of the bottle, but no matter how I tried to get at it, it would not come out. I even left the bottle upside down, but still no luck. The Aussie shower gel was gorgeous to use, and I totally recommend it, as it gave so many bubbles and smelt lovely and really woke me up in the morning as it was so nice.
Mouthwash, I tend to go through a bottle every month, as for me this is an essential as I love my mouth to feel fresh and clean. This Aquafresh one was really nice and I totally recommend it. Lately, I have really been into colouring my hair, and have coloured it twice in the last month. The colour I have been loving is the Clairol Creme Gloss in the shade Cherry Red. I forgot to save the box, but I have been loving using the conditioner out of the box, to really help my hair stay a bright colour.
I love to use setting sprays, either to use as just a refreshing spray or to help my make up stay in place all day. My all time favourite is the Mac Fix Plus, but I had run out and had recieved a Urban Decay all nighter setting spray in a recent Urban Decay order. Well, this was only a travel size and only lasted a little while, but I really did enjoy it while it lasted. It sprayed out quite a lot of product, as I was used to only a fine mist with the Mac Fix Plus.
Last but not least, I finished up a whole eyeliner, the Stila Stingray. I LOVED this eyeliner. It was jet black in colour and was so pigmented. I love to line my waterline in black, and yes, I know that is a huge no no in the beauty community. But that is the look I love and i will continue to do it.
Well, that was all the empties for this month. I am really impressed with how well I am going through my products in my collection. Let me know in the comments how you are doing in "shopping your stash".

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