Friday, 15 May 2015

My Friday Finds feat. Yankee Candles and Younique

Last week I did a little shopping and got myself some really nice things. As you are probably aware by now I have a little love affair with QVC and when I recieved the email from them to say there was going to be a Yankee Candle Todays Special Value I knew I just had to have them. I buy the small tarts, the small jars and the medium jars normally, so a huge 22 oz candle was just the thing I was missing. But the only downside to this is that the large jars won't fit in my candle drawer and so they are taking pride of place on my mantlepiece in my living room. Another thing that I try to do with my candle collection is to add new scents that I have never tried before and so Blue Summer Sky, Peach Cobbler and Picnic In The Park are great additions.
Blue Summer Sky is such a pretty scent, very fresh and reminds me of the lovely smell of fresh clean washing that has been hung out in the breeze to dry. This is my favourite out of the 3 that were in the set.
If you like the smell of baking then this Peach Cobbler candle you will love. I really like it, and it smells of cake and fruit pies, but both my son and partner cannot stand the smell and so this will have to be one that I burn when I am alone in the house. I thought it would smell quite strongly of peach, but it doesn't and so this was a slight disappointment as I love the smell of anything peach normally. Last but not least is Picnic In The Park.
This candle also has a very fresh scent and quite citrussy too. Its a very pleasant fragrance and kind of has a slight hint of apple in the scent it gives off. If you love candles and especially Yankee Candle candles then QVC is definitely the place to check, as they have some amazing deals.

I feel there is a need to update you on the Younique situation. I signed up to join Younique back in October last year, and I really did feel it was going to be the answer to my prayers , being able to sell make up from the comfort of my home, and earn enough not to have to go out to work any more. Unfortunately, this did not happen. Don't get me wrong the make up is FANTASTIC, and although people kept telling me that they would purchase the amazing 3D Fibre lash mascara off me, a lot of people backed out once I had ordered their products, saying they did not have the money. I had abuse off people saying not to fill their Facebook feeds with spam, and so felt like I could not promote the products properly. So because this was not working and you could not sell through Ebay (even though hundreds are doing it and getting away with it!!!) I wasn't getting the sales. There was a lot of pressure to meet targets and to be honest it was causing a lot of stress and anxiety. Even though it is denied, Younique is a pyramid scheme, and although people at the top are making millions and are amazing at what they do, unless you are in people's faces all the time, you won't get the sales. I was told that you are not allowed to sell at fetes and car boots or on Ebay, but others were doing the exact same and getting away with it. I was told you were not allowed to sell in hairdressers or beauty salons, yet others were and getting away with it. I was fed up of not getting anywhere and being sent nasty messages on Facebook and so I gave up on my dream. Even though I am not a Younique representative anymore, I still saw some new products in their range last week and so decided to order  some of their eye make up remover wipes, a bronzer and a cream eye shadow.
These eye makeup remover wipes are brilliant. They are great at just not removing eye makeup  but they remove the rest of my face make up too. I have found that I only need to use 2 wipes every night where as with the No 7 wipes I have been using I have had to use 3 to get my face to feel clean. The Younique Shine wipes are fragranced and have lots of plant ingredients in them to make them feel more natural on the skin and not as harsh.

I love cream eyeshadows and when I saw this I knew I had to try it. They are just so versatile, being able to use them as a base for other shadows to go on top of, or as a stand alone shadow. This colour is so pretty, a silvery taupe and will be perfect for all those neutral eye looks I love to wear. It is a mousee like consistency and very different in texture to other cream shadows I have in my collection.  The only negative I have about it, is as I tipped the jar slightly to put the lid back on the whole lot of the cream shadow tumbled out of the little pot and onto my dressing table. Luckily I managed to save some of it, but this is not a good start. Surely it should be packed in the jar a little tighter!! I have not got around to testing this on my eyes as of yet, but will do in the coming days and will do a review on how I feel it wears and looks.

The bronzer I am in love with. It is beautiful. With one side, just a solid wash of one colour, and the other side is marbled with different tones of brown and copper running through it, and this gives you such a pretty colour to either contour with or to bronze over the whole face to give a little more colour. I use a big fluffy brush and it really does give a beautiful bronzey glow to my normally pale face.

So not many purchases this week, but I am pleased overall with the items I have got. Let me know in the comments if you have a candle addiction or if you have tried Younique and what you think of them. Love to hear from you all.

See you soon


  1. I love the sweet yankee candles, so the Peach Cobbler is the one I really want to try! I had a smell of it the other week and liked it, so I may be tempted to give it a try! I'm currently in love with their cotton candy one! The sweeter the better! haha x

    1. Ooh I have not tried the Cotton Candy one, I am now on the hunt for that one x

  2. Love me a Yankee Candle they are the best! Xx

    1. They are definitely the best. I have tried loads of different ranges but nothing beats the good ole Yankee Candle x


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