Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Nail Polish Discovery feat. Max Factor

Nail polish is one of the products that I love. There is nothing more that I love than looking at all the different colours and finishes that you can get in the drugstore/high end brand counters. Mainly I love cream finish polishes, and will stretch to polishes with a tiny amount of glitter, but full on glitter particles just turn me away. This is because I am a very busy single mom, and although I want my nails to look pretty and polished all the time, I have not got the time to sit there for hours trying to get rid of the stubborn glitter polish off my nails. I just want to get rid of the old polish in a few strokes of a remover soaked cotton wool pad and apply two coats of a new colour, spray with a quick dry spray, wait maximum 10 minutes and then carry on with my chores.

To be honest, I only normally tend to buy Essie, O.P.I and Barry M nail polishes as I love all their colours and the quality of their polishes. I never tend to gravitate towards Max Factor polishes, but then spotted the one above, which is called Angel Nails. It looks very bronze/gold in the jar, but once on the nails it looks very silver in tone. The glitter in the polish is micro small in size and is really more of a shimmer than actual glitter.
I love that the actual nail polish brush is very narrow and thin, so that you can be really precise in the application of the colour. I normally do one swipe across the middle of the nail, and then add a swipe of the polish to the right side and then the left. The key to getting smooth polish is making sure that the layers that you apply are very thin, and that you wipe off excess polish on the rim of the jar before you apply. It says on the packaging that this is a long lasting polish and lasts up to 7 days, for me it lasted 3 days but that is good for me as I normally get chips in my polish in the second day as I have a very manual job and so my nail polish chips very easily.
From the photo that in the light the polish has a very silver finish to it and is a really beautiful colour. It is really unique in shade and don't have anything like it in my collection. I purchased this polish for £5.99 which is a really good price for a high quality product. I really hope you have enjoyed this review and let me know if you own any Max Factor nail polishes and what you think of them.

Love and Hugs.

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