Monday, 15 June 2015

#BrimblesBox Review June 2015

As well as being a beauty lover, I am a huge stationary and planner addict and so at the beginning of this year I subscribed to a stationary monthly subscription box called the #BrimblesBox ran by the lovely Anna Brim and I have been recieving some really products in them. Here is a review of this months box. Upon opening the box all the products are wrapped in a beautiful pink tissue paper, and then just look at the pretty princess and horse sticker. This box is all about pink and girly themed products.
In every box you always get a lovely hand made postcard from Anna, telling you all about the theme of the months box and her inspiration behind it. I just love that cute frog, I have used this in my planner too using it as a kind of dashboard to put sticky note reminders on.

We also recieved a dashboard in the same design, I just love the floral background and the contrast between the pink pastel background and the green of the frog. I am a bit of a pen collector and always have to buy a pen if I go anywhere, for example we visit a nature centre, or a historic castle, I always go and buy a pen from that place as I reminder of my trip to that place and so when I saw that this box had a pen in it, I was really pleased and just look how pretty it is.
I love the flowers and the crown on the top of it, I know I will feel like a true princess using this pen, such a pretty design.

This tape dispenser is just so cute, in the shape of a princess's castle. I love that it is pink too, so this will go on my table and go really well with my bedroom as it is all pink and flowery themed. I had never seen anything like this before and really made me smile when I pulled it out of the box.
Like last month, we recieved a clear stamp, and so I am looking forward to trying this once I purchase some ink to use with it.
I have been toying with the idea of starting up a project life album, and so these cards are really good to use either with a project life album or just to use in my planner. They are a really good size and will add a nice touch of colour to my planners. They are so multifunctional and are really good to have in your stationary stash/collection.

I love shopping lists and to do lists and so these pink and girly ones are perfect. I am constantly making lists and these are so useful to have dotted about the house to remind me of everything I need to do on certain days. Last but not least was the planner charm. These are so well made and really add a touch of uniqueness to your planner or diary.
I just loved this month's theme as I love anything pink and girly. I feel like it has brought out the little girl in me all over again. I so love this monthly subscription box as I just use everything that is sent out to me, well most, I have not got the ink for the stamps as of yet, but I will. If you are not subscribed to a monthly stationary/planner subscription box then I highly recommend the #BrimblesBox as it is such good value for money.

Till next time,

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