Monday, 29 June 2015

First Impressions of the Anastasia Beverley Hills Artist Palette

Neutral eyeshadow looks are my go to, or have been my go to look for every day wear for the past 4 or 5 yearsSometimes I would darken the outer v and turn it into a smoky eyed look, but taupes and greys and browns have really been the order of the day. Perfect for work appropriate make up looks, and perfect for casual weekend looks. When I was younger I used to always wear bright shadows, and would rock a bright turquise or a bright pink eye look without thinking twice about it, but I guess with age came a need for more natural and earth toned looks. Yet, again YouTube has influenced me and when I saw the Anastasia Beverley Hills Artist palette, and the reviews it was getting, I just knew I had to have it, and boy these shadows are FANTASTIC.

I love the bright packaging and the light cardboard packaging would make it perfect for travelling with as long as you protected it enough in the middle of your suitcase as the shadows will still be vulnerable. Having a dual ended brush to use with the palette is great for travelling but as I have said before in previous posts, I just don't tend to use them regularly as I feel that the end that you put downwards into your storage, the bristles will either get damaged or really dirty. I do love that you have a mirror included on the inside of the lid, so touch ups are possible if you are out and about.

You get 12 beautifully pigmented shadows and there are some gorgeous colours to make high impact looks with. You get 5 matte shades and 7 glittery/shimmery shades, which makes it perfect for a complete look because you get a highlight shade included, and a shadow that you could use as a liner as well as a normal shadow. On swatching these they are incredibly creamy and buttery to apply, and very very pigmented. These shadows pack a punch when it comes to pigmentation. 

First row swatched
Dusty Rose is a matte mauve.
Aubergine looks matte in the pan but when you swatch it there is deep burgundy shimmer running through it. A truly gorgeous shade.
Anaconda is a olive green shimmer, really pretty.
Punch Fuschia is a velvety purple pink shade.
Buttery is a cream/ pale yellow matte highlight.
Blue Velvet is a deep matte navy blue and would look great as an alternative to a traditional smoky eye look.

Second Row swatched.
This row is the row that blew my mind, the depth of colour is amazing.

Coal is a matte black, perfect for deepening shadows, and use as a liner.
Unicorn is a lavender blue with shimmer and really pretty.
Phresh is a BRIGHT matte buttercup yellow
Baby I'm A Star is a chocolate brown glitter. This shadow is beautiful and I cannot wait to try it out in a look.
Orange You Fancy is a rusty orange with gold shimmer running through it.
Beigely is a such a pretty shade and has a subtle shimmer to it. This shadow is perfect for a neutral look.

My first impression of this palette is that it is stunning, and I am going to do so many looks with it, and see which shadows I can work, and which I can't. I will be doing a follow up review of it in about 3 weeks time, so stay tuned.

Till next time,


  1. Loving this palette Zoe it looks so nice, I would consider getting this for my collection. x

    1. You definitely need it in your collection. It is stunning x

  2. Wow, there are some seriously stunning shades in there and the quality looks brilliant. xx

    Sarah |

    1. It is a truly gorgeous palette. It is a must have.


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