Sunday, 14 June 2015

My Weight and Me Week 2 :Loss 1 and a half pounds.

Well, I am a little late on this post, I feel like the hours in the day are just going faster and faster and I am just running out of time every day. As you know in last weeks post I told you how I had lost half a pound, and I was so pleased. This week I was even more thrilled when the consultant told me I had lost 1 and a half pounds. I was so surprised as I had been a little naughty, on the Tuesday Daniel had wanted a McDonalds and I had very easily given in and had a cheeseburger, chips and a milkshake. I felt bad eating it, but it tasted so good, but as soon as I had finished eating it, I immediately regretted it and wished I hadn't. I had had a cupcake with smarties and icing on it too, which was delicious.

You see, I am a food addict and I can't help it. I am always constantly thinking about what I am going to eat during the day and whilst I am eating one meal, I am thinking what I could have for the next. I have been bad in not making the meals from out of the Slimming World magazine and have just been sort of winging it and just grabbing the odd jacket potato here and there. Breakfasts, I have been naughty and using my syns with eating Frosties and Cornflakes, they were only the small boxes out of the variety packs that you can buy from the supermarket and I just wanted them out of the pantry, and so then only have the healthy breakfasts in the house that I like, such as porridge oats, yoghurts, fruit and eggs.

One change that I have made for the better, is eliminating bread from my diet. I have found that I have more weight loss when I don't eat bread and so I really am making a conscious effort to stay away from it permanently. Which is very hard as I really do love jam and butter on white toast, and used to easily go 3 or 4 slices in one sitting with a hot cup of coffee.

Let's hope this coming week I will have a loss again, fingers crossed.

Love and Hugs.


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