Monday, 20 July 2015

Skechers Shoes And Why I Love Them

Now, to probably most of you reading this blog post, you will look at the shoes in the photo above, and say "Eurrggh! I wouldnt wear those shoes ever" and so probably I would have done even up till 4 or 5 years ago. I used to be one who adored heels, and the latest fashion shoe, and even though I could not walk in them very well, would go for the highest heels and the brightest colour.  Even now, I look at all the designer shoes and wish desperately that I could wear them, as they always make an outfit look all pulled together and chic. I love looking at all the nude heels and the black patent heels, and even pick them up in stores feeling envious of the girls who are able to wear them.

Unfortunately now, due to me having really bad, sore, painful feet, due to my arthritis and Plantar Fascitis,there is no way that I could even stand in high heeled shoes let alone walk in them. Even in normal boots, say with a 1 inch heel, the pain in the soles of my feet, in the heels, in the balls of my feet is excruciating. It feels like someone has got a hot poker and running it all over your feet. So I bought lots of different inners, fur lined, gel liners, I even tried stuffing the bottom of the shoes with cotton wool,to try and soften the base of the shoe, so that it would not be as much pain but inevitably nothing really worked. I was in agony nearly every day and by the time 12 pm came, the middle of the day, I could have cried through the sheer pain. That was until I discovered Skechers.

This brand of shoe, I had heard of vaguely, but not really paid much attention to them, until one day I was watching QVCUK and saw that they had some shoes as their TSV (Today's Special Value), from Skechers and that they had memory foam as the inners to the shoe. I just knew I had to snatch them up, and give them a try. Nothing else was tending to work. so what harm could it do.
This was the pair that I purchased. They have an elasticated band across the front of your foot to keep the shoe in place, and the fabric is like a woven textured material, and has silver thread running throughout, just to give a little glitz and glam. The sole feels like a type of rubber material and has a  really good grip on it. I LOVE them, as soon as I put my feet inside it was as if I was treading on air. My feet felt cushioned and supported, but with room to move to. Granted, the pain is not miraculously gone, but it will never will be, but these make my walking so much easier,nicer and softer on the balls of my feet They are easy to slip on and off and I love the silver thread running through the material.  Last week, yet again QVCUK had another Skechers TSV and so I just ordered them straight away.
These are styled much more like trainers, and have the black ribbon detailing the front of the shoe. It has the brand name embroidered on them, and even though I thought I loved the first pair that I purchased, these have very quickly become my favourites. They are great to wear with my work uniform, but then casual enough to wear out and about, and the others I can use for going out shoes. This pair again has the memory foam inside, and just cushions the feet so beautifully, that the pain of taking every step, is much more reduced, and I can be standing a little longer. I don't think I will ever buy from another brand any more as Skechers really do make shoes that help me and others with painful feet.  Each of these pairs of shoes has ended up being between £30 and £40, which I don't consider to be too bad, when you think that trainers can be anything up to £60 in some places.

When you have feet issues it is so difficult to find shoes that don't hurt, and so my discovery of Skechers and their memory foam insoled shoes has truly been a life saver, and really helped me to reduce a little bit of the pain in everyday walking.

I hope you have found this post interesting, and let me know in the comments if you have tried Skechers shoes in the past, or if you suffer from painful feet, how you try to manage the pain.

Love and Hugs.

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