Thursday, 16 July 2015

Sweetheart Wax Melts by Kirsty

I love a good scented candle, and as you will probably know, Yankee Candles have been my go to brand whenever I have wanted to fragrance my house, as they are just so strong in their fragrances. I buy the tarts, votive candles, and the jars. Whenever I see them on offer I always try to stock up, but just recently I have come across a new type of home fragrance range that has just blown me away. These are the Sweetheart Wax Melts that my lovely friend Kirsty sells. I had never tried anything from them before and so purchased just 1 of each fragrance at firstjust to try them out, and the butterfly burner to use them on. Since then, I have purchased many more things from the website and have loved everything I have recieved.
I love anything with butterflies on and this was so reasonably priced I just snapped it up. The fragrance range is really extensive and covers every different type of scent so that there is bound to be something for everyone.  Each little melt is 25p, you can buy 10 for £2.50, 20 melts for £5 or 40!!! Yes 40 melts for £10. I have found that I can burn 1 melt for 8 hours and so 40 melts will last for a very long time. The scents are so true to their name sake and really make the whole house smell lovely. Here is the wax melt fragrance list

Baby Powder
Blue Lagoon
Clean Cotton
Dove Soap
Peppermint Blast
Spa Day
Fresh Breeze

Floral and Outdoors
Bluebell Woods
Cherry Blossom
Fresh Cut Grass
Honeysuckle and Jasmine
Lavender and Chamomile
Sweet Pea
Lotus Flower and Sandalwood
Fresh Cut Rose
Cascading Stream

Designer Inspired
1 Million
Chanel No 5
Issey for Her
Madam Coco

Black Cherry
Creamy Coconut
Zingy Citrus Fruits
Lime Cooler
Perfectly Peachy
Strawberries and Cream
Zesty Lemon
Love Spell

Food And Drink
Buttercream Cupcake
Cinnamon Buns
Grandmas Cheesecake
Pink Lemonade
Fresh Baked Bread
Mailbu and Lime Mojito
Coffee Shop

Sweet Shop
Jelly Bean
Parma Violet
Cola Fizz
All the wax melts come individually wrapped, with a little name tag included. Not only have I purchased the wax melts, but Kirsty sells a lot of other great products including HUGE bath bombs, which are fantastic, they make the bath water feel really silky and have fun little particles which float around the bath water and make your bath feel very luxurious and pamper like. Some of the fragrances of the bath bombs are Tutti Frutti, Coconut, Very Berry, Vanilla, Baby Powder and Angel Delight. The bath bombs are priced at £2.00 each and can easily be broken up smaller and so can be used for more than 1 bath.
 Kirsty sells lots of different burners, in a range of styles, colours and price points, and also I purchased a really uniquely shaped mug, with angel wings as the handle, I had to get this, as soon as I saw it.

Isn't it unusual? I can't wait to start drinking my herbal teas out of this. I so love the whole Sweetheart range of products and I totally recommend you trying their products out. The group has a page on  Facebook, click on this link to be taken to the group on the page Sweetheart Wax Melts by Kirsty . Come and say Hi to us all, you will be made very welcome and any questions you may have Kirsty is only to happy to help. I hope you will check the group out, I know you won't regret it.

Till next time.

* DISCLAIMER: I am not being  paid or reimbursed to promote these products, and all opinions are my own and totally honest.


  1. These sound fabulous! I am a sucker for home scenting!

    Anoushka Loves xx

    1. You should definitely try them. They are brill. xx


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