Wednesday, 8 June 2016

What A Waste!!!!

Today I started on clearing out some of my make up products that have been sat in my cupboards and drawers and have hardly been used. Yes! That's right "hardly been used". Nail polishes that had separated and all clogged up, lip glosses that smelt disgusting as soon as I opened the tube and mascaras that had dried up.

I was so thrilled to be making some room in my makeup storage and that inspired me to keep going but then that feeling faded and I was left with a feeling of embarrassment and anger. What have I been doing?

Make up and beauty products are not cheap and here I was looking at a pile of products that I had more than likely only used once or twice and spent on average £10 per product. So in 5 minutes of decluttering I had had to get rid of over £150 worth of stuff!

That is shocking and disgraceful. I could have spent that money toward decorating my house or toward a little holiday. I will NEVER go back to wasting my money like that. Yes, when i bought the products I totally loved them, loved the colours, the glitz and sparkle and gave me joy at the time but products do not make a fulfilled life if you are not going to use them and enjoy them.

Something happened to someone I cared about deeply over the past month and it totally refocused my thoughts on my life and what is important. PEOPLE are important not products.  I now have a new focus, and Im not going to be wasting my money and will be working hard to whittle down some of my beauty collection. Im only going to be keeping my Younique products .

Ive wasted my time and money on things that just dont matter in the grand scheme of things. Please learn from me, people and memories matter, the latest handbag or nail polish really dont if you arent going to use them.

Love and hugs

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