Sunday, 6 August 2017

Barry M Bargain : Unicorn Magic

I just had to tell you all about the most beautiful bargain Boots has on at the moment featuring Barry M. Now I know normally Barry M has some amazing products anyway for really inexpensive prices, namely their fantastic nail polishes. But in my mind their free gift that is on offer when you spend £7 at the moment is one not to miss, especially if you love anything unicorn styled.

Just look at this stunning make up bag
 It is super metallic and flashes all different colours as the light hits it. As soon as I saw it I just knew I had to have it, then the difficulty was in choosing how I spend the £7 in order to get it free as their was so much to choose from. After much deliberation I decided on this Cosmic Lights highlighting palette.

I have been lusting after a few highlighting palettes in the past but due to lack of funds could never justify the price of them but this one was exactly £7 and so this is the item I chose. It is made of cardboard, has a nice size mirror and has 4 cream cheek products and 2 powder. Now I'm not goung to lie the 4 cream products are not loaded in pigmentation and you do have to swipe a few times to get a good representation of colour as you can tell from the swatches.
Top row.
Bottom row.

The 2 powders are the knockout things in the palette. They are packed with pigmentation and are stunning when they hit the light.
One is a more pink based highlighter and one has a definite blue base to it. I am in total love with the blue based one. As it hits the light, you get lilac, blue, silver shimmers to it and its beautiful. In my mind that is worth the £7 alone.Don't get me wrong the pink one is stunning and has coral and gold shimmers to it.  The cream bronzer is good too if you just want a subtle look or you could use it as a bronzer base to lay your powder bronzers on top of.

The thing that stands out with this product is how versatile the highlighters are, you can use them as they are designed to be or use them as eyeshadows or blush or concealers or even lipgloss.

The bag!!! I just love the bag. If someone had reached inside my mind and designed my prettiest make up bag this would be it.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, let me know in the comments if you like this bag too. It is only available for the next 3 weeks or until stocks last so if you want one I would run and get one because I think they will sell out fast.

Till next time

Zoe x

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